Business sectors

Mechanical Prensol , SL is a company accustomed to develop projects in diverse sectors , has extensive experience accumulated over its 25 years of existence. The sectors that 90 % of our production is intended are:
• Recreational Sector: metal frame and parts for recreational furniture. • Electrical cabinets B.T. and AT: metal furniture designed to maneuver and power.
Telecommunication • Wardrobes : Modular Cabinets Rack for companies such as telecommunications and telephony .
• Sector heating : metal chassis hot air equipment , air heaters , battery resistance , air curtains , etc … • Silkscreen printing, design , photolithography , screen , one or more inks
• Phoneboxes : metal chassis for installation of telephones and advertising.
• Safes : metal boxes with various protection systems as close .
• Lockers: metal furniture for schools, airports , train stations , etc …
• Automotive : auxiliary metal parts . • Hospitality .
We pride ourselves on trying to improve their articles , always influencing an improvement in quality and cost , establishing this relationship – friendly and pleasant collaboration in the day to day , always in order to have the best product on the market .