Special Materials and Finishes

Our company dedicated its production to many different industries so they are forced to work with many different materials and machinery designed toconsolidate a gain this flexibility. Below is the range of materials used:

  • Iron: sheet 0.5 mm – 20 mm, round tubes, square tubes, hot rolled and cold, etc …
  • Stainless steel: sheet 0.5 mm – 12 mm, round tubes, square tubes, hot rolled andcold, etc …
  • Aluminum sheet 0.8 mm – 8 mm and machining of profiles injected.
  • Zincor: sheet 0.5 mm – 6 mm
  • Brass: sheet 0.5 mm – 3 mm, rolled
  • Copper sheet 0.5 mm – 4 mm, and rolled
  • Other materials on request. Special Finishes

Due to current market needs is a tendency to increased demand or semi-finished product. Most of our current clients request that their parts are delivered painted,chemically treated and some even joined with mechanical parts, electrical or electronic. Mecánicas Prensol SL, has adapted to these new market needs andcustomer support has succeeded in establishing an assembly line parts thus giving the final step in the adjustment and testing of manufactured parts, thus avoiding any problems for our customers. Our business partners are prestigiousfinishes at Catalunya, all ISO-9001 certification. And in strict accordance with theEuropean ROHS standard of character.

Here are some examples of finishes on metal parts:

  • Epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester, liquid, primers,
  • cataphoresis
  • anodized
  • Chrome-nickel baths
  • Zinc (all ranges)
  • dichromate
  • Nickel, etc. ..
  • Tin, silver, etc …
  • teflon
  • Laminating, etc. ..
  • Screenprint, Design, phototools, screens, one or more inks.