How we work

Mechanical Prensol , SL distinguished by implementing a production system itself adjusted to the needs of each client, making work patterns in order to ensure the best quality products of our customers while providing the best service possible.

Our company is firmly committed to quality , so since 2002 we have the ISO 9001 certification by the Applus entity.

Being aware of the current needs of national and global trade , we know that the most important thing is service and that means short delivery term , this is achieved with a flexible infrastructure and a modern and competitive machinery.

The trust of our customers is our most prestigious , and we know that the attention and dedication to them is our future and their future, so we must join efforts to ensure competitiveness and constant improvement of our business .

We have several departments which are carried out the most ambitious projects of our clients: technical office , prototyping cost study , quality control .

Conducting small series and large series is no difficulty , because the flexibility of our factories allows you to perform any type of production .

Mechanical Prensol , SL has a fleet of three vehicles owned to make their deliveries of material in the shortest possible time.

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